I offer classic tantric massages, freestyle erotic massages and kinky sessions, which can include bondage, BDSM and erotic play. I welcome people of all genders to my sessions, and I also love working with couples of all kinds. So come find your way into my session room!

Meeting in authenticity

I took my first steps into the world of erotic services with tantric massages. The core values I learned as part of my tantric massage training still influence my work in all its variety: authenticity and honesty; the intention to see you as a human being and not just a body to work on; the desire to really show up in my meeting with you, along with the consequence that I only agree to the kinds of scenarios that I find interesting to explore with you in this setting; and, not least, a positive attitude towards you as my guest, one of curiosity, openness and acceptance.

New shores

One of my favourite scenarios is to be your guide as you dare yourself to try out new experiences. This could be your very first tantric massage, or maybe you’d like to gently explore your anal area. How about a massage with your hands tied, or with a blindfold? Or, instead, one in which you get to keep your eyes open and gaze at the woman you’re with, as long and as intensely as you desire. A tightrope walk on that line between pain and pleasure, or would you like to surrender totally, for once? You could make lots of noise if you’re usually quiet, or try being quiet if you’re usually loud. If you want to explore something new, I am open to your ideas and will be by your side as you take a step beyond your comfort zone.